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The unexpected happened!

When I first started writing the story, I knew where I wanted the plot go. With respect to scenes and characters, I had many ideas. In my early drafts of the story, the characters serve their roles much like actors perform on stage.
Then the unexpected happened … The characters came to life! They started jumping off of the computer screen stage and revealing details that I didn’t know. How can that be? I’m the author, how can I not know everything about my story?  But there it is. The characters aren’t just props on the stage in a play – they are real people with real stories integral to the plot. I am listening … and I am busy writing.

I will post another DRAFT of this incredible story after I have incorporated new information revealed by the characters.Actor_revealing


The Blurb

Book CoverLucid World, hidden in a mountain cavern beneath an ice cap, has been separated from the outside world for thousands of years. Nosos World, infected with the khaos plague, is the outside world. Khaos symptoms manifest as illogical emotions. If Lucid World is to ever reunite with Nosos World, it must find a cure for khaos; but, can’t risk exposure to the disease!

With time running out, Lucid World recruits a Nosos World adolescent girl, Morgan, in an experiment to reverse khaos.

Morgan’s World is a small agricultural town. When three worlds collide, the unexpected happens … and none of the worlds will ever be the same.