The unexpected happened!

When I first started writing the story, I knew where I wanted the plot go. With respect to scenes and characters, I had many ideas. In my early drafts of the story, the characters serve their roles much like actors perform on stage.
Then the unexpected happened … The characters came to life! They started jumping off of the computer screen stage and revealing details that I didn’t know. How can that be? I’m the author, how can I not know everything about my story?  But there it is. The characters aren’t just props on the stage in a play – they are real people with real stories integral to the plot. I am listening … and I am busy writing.

I will post another DRAFT of this incredible story after I have incorporated new information revealed by the characters.Actor_revealing




  Shan wrote @

Hi Denise,
I am looking forward to the latest draft – want to read it before we get together for dinner, if it is available by then. Amazing work! xo Shan

  Denise Lammi wrote @

Thanks Shan! I’m working away! I reorganized some of the opening scenes so that the story is a little easier to get into. I’m super excited about the additional details and scenes.

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